Founded in 2022 with a core vision and purpose: to bring together lovers of Reggae and Caribbean culture through authentic merchandise and a dedicated social platform.

At the heart of the Reggaefy brand is a team passionate about enabling expression through apparel that tells a story, and builds strong communities.

How was Reggaefy born?

In the diaspora, it can be difficult to find brands that align with our values and meet our needs. We wanted to create a brand for Caribbeans that serves as their ‘home away from home’. We hope to nurture the love for the Reggae culture and the region.

But we didn’t want to stop just there…so we made sure that Reggaefy was more than just a merchandise brand, by building a first and one of its kind integrated platform. What this means is that on the Reggaefy app, you’ll notice that it’s unlike a regular merchandise or clothing retailer.

It is a social commerce platform with social media functions that enable you to connect with others, purchase merchandise that speaks to you, and be the first to find out about your favourite artist’s collection drop.

Our Values

Community building

With social media, the world is more connected, yet disconnected. With our app, we’ve designed it in a way to connect passionate Reggae, Jamaican, and Caribbean culture lovers; over shared interests and empower them to fully embody the music genre. We hope to build a tight-knit yet global community of Jamaicans, Caribbeans and those in love with the rich culture and region.

Authentic expression

There’s enough merchandise out there with no meaning, and we wanted to do things differently. All of our products are authentic and ethically sourced, so that you can express yourself guilt-free and with pride.


Behind each action and new initiative in our brand is a strong purpose. Whether it’s to inspire, motivate, or share, we do things with clear intentions so that we can best serve our community.

Empowering artists to reach their potential

With many artists and performers making an appearance on the horizon, we wanted to provide an opportunity for them to stand out and build their own independent brands with full control.

Through Reggaefy, both established and upcoming artists can expand their reach and connect with their fanbase by building their own customized merchandise brand.

Be part of the Reggaefy family

Join the only Reggae and Caribbean dedicated social-commerce platform alongside thousands of other Reggae and Caribbean culture lovers today. Embody and represent your roots and passions through our multitude of merchandise collections!